Architecture in California

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California’s rich architectural history began with the arrival of the Europeans in the 18th century. Many of the Spanish missions of the late 18th and early 19th centuries were adaptations of Mexican baroque architecture, and the Spanish-Mexican influence continued to dominate California buildings until the middle of the 19th century. Later, the population influx caused by the Gold Rush led to this Hispanic styles merging with styles imported by settlers from the eastern United States and Europe. Architects such as Henry Cleaveland, S & J Newsom, and Bernard Maybeck were all influential in creating the state’s unique Victorian style.


Franciscan missionaries, arriving in California from Mexico, established a chain of adobe-home21 missions from
San Diego to Sonoma as centers from which to colonize the state. They were all designed to be within a day’s journey of their nearest neighbors.These Mexican churches and their communal buildings were designed by friars and built of adobe bricks and wood by Native American laborers.

Over the years their crude constructions decayed and were shaken by earthquakes, but many have been carefully restored in the 20th century.

Distinctive features include:

      • massive walls covered with white lime cement
      • small window openings
      • rounded gables
      • tiered bell towers


monteryIn the 1850s and 1860s, East Coast settlers flooded into the newly declared 31st state, bringing with them styles that were already going out of fashion on the East Coast, such as Greek Revival. Monterey, the state capital under Mexican rule, gave its name to an architecture that is, in essence, a wooden Greek temple wrapped around a Mexican adobe. Features include:

      • two-story wooden porticoes supported by slim square posts
      • wood shingle roofs
      • a chaste symmetry of plan and elevation


Three major styles emerged in California during the Victorian era: Italianate, most popular in San Francisco, Queen Anne, and Eastlake. The two latter styles achieved a pinnacle of exuberance in California during the 19th century when they were brought to the state by migrants from the East Coast. The restrained Eastlake style, with its geometrically patterned facades and ornamentation, was often combined with the more extravagant Queen Anne style, notable for its gables, turrets, wraparound porches, and splendidly confused anthology of classical details.

The Father of California Landscape DesignsToday’s elaborate and stylish high-end landscape designs first appeared in affluent areas of Southern California at the beginning of the 1930’s. An educated landscape architect with experience in the popular garden styles of Europe in this era, Thomas Church, began a landscape design firm in downtown San Francisco and quickly became a household name in Southern California outdoor planning.During his 45 year career in California landscape design, Church created more than 2,000 custom garden designs in some of the most prosperous areas and developments of Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside, all during the prime of modern architectural development. These functional, yet beautiful, outdoor living spaces resulted in a trend that is still growing in popularity across the nation of extending the living space of a home into the openness of nature.

The homes of Southern California are some of the most remarkable structures in the world and represent a variety of unique architectural styles. California landscape designs complement these fine homes with carefully selected plants, materials, and accessories to create a central theme that blends outdoor charm with sophisticated style for a magnificent outdoor living area.While most of the various landscape designs seen across Southern California possess a rustic, Old World appearance, there are also classy, formal garden styles that reflect a more contemporary atmosphere. The influence of the European Mediterranean can also be seen in many California garden styles.With so many different garden styles and influences seen in the landscape designs of of this area, there is one common thread among them all. Each and every California landscape design is carefully planned to reflect the relaxed, natural lifestyle of the warm Mediterranean coast while complementing the style of the most lavish homes.These Mediterranean styled designs are simple, but sophisticated, functional, as well as ornate, and these outdoor living spaces are truly designed for outdoor living. Elements of a California style garden may include:victorian

      • Natural accessories, like unfinished furniture or terra cotta planters
      • Colorful cushions, patio ware, lighting, and flower pots, with bright, vivid colors
      • Simple materials, like bark, gravel, and stone, accent water features and create walkways

Because of the wonderful diversity throughout Southern California, the landscape designs are also unique but they are all carefully planned to make outdoor living at home convenient, relaxing, and a beautiful part of your residence. With so many different garden styles to choose from, it is often best to employ the services of an experienced California landscape design firm.

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Architectural Wonders you must see in California

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Architectural Wonders you must see in California

California, also known as the “Golden State” is not only the most popular state in the U.S but also the third largest state after Texas and Alaska. If you are planning to visit this state with a perfect Mediterranean climate where the sun always shines, there are a couple of places that you simply must visit even if you are not a fan of architecture. The style in which the buildings and regular homes are constructed will make you fall in love structures.

The Getty Center

It is located in the hills above West part of Los Angeles, and what makes this architectural masterpiece different than any other is the design itself that resembles a modernist city placed on top of a hill. Famous architect Richard Meier designs this complex of galleries containing European masterpieces, photography and decorative art. Visiting this structure and attending exhibits that it has to offer is totally free as Paul Getty J., the philanthropist that made all of this possible, intended. Art fans and alike will enjoy guided tours whose solely purpose is to provide additional information about art, photography and structure itself mentioning the construction history, founders of Project and selfless investing factions.

The Getty Center

Walt Disney Concert Hall

WaltDisneyConcertHallThis one is a must-visit kind of place where the sight of the structure alone makes the person observing become engulfed in the feeling of amazement and appreciation towards architectural design. The building itself resembles a metal origami, due to the shape of building corners, that is covered in metal panels that only add to the beauty of the structure. The exterior designed was inspired by Frank Gehry’s project of a modern shopping mall with an artistic touch. Enjoying quartets and sextets of professionals performing the most popular symphonies is the main attraction that brings emancipated classic music fans together where they can discuss art related topics.

State Capitol

Along with classy columns and unusually noticeable cupola painted in perfect white, this structure resembles a mini version of U.S Capitol that already exists in Washington, D.C. If you plan on visiting it, you should take a tour to improve your knowledge about buildings’ history and architecture in late 1860’s. The tour guide will explain all about the restoration projects of Treasurer’s office, as well as Governor and Secretary of State’s office. They were planned to be removed in the original concept of the building, but as authorities concluded that they should be restored to their former glory, the decision was changed in the favor of keeping them.

California is indeed one of the best states to visit if you want to admire the architectural designs and engineering. So if you haven’t decided which U.S state to choose and go to and spend your vacation or business trip this might be the place for you if you have any interests in art, architecture, and music. If above-mentioned places aren’t enough for you, you should ask your tour guide about other significant places worth visiting in search for knowledge of building’s history.

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